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Our lovely little tokens are the perfect memento for many occasions. They are a beautiful keepsake for our lost loved ones – pets, a family member, a dear friend – or a gift for someone that has lost a loved one special to them. Boobear plaques are also wonderful additions to your home - to tie around your deck or display in your yard with your family name, or give as a going away present for a family who’s moving away. Our copper plates are meant to be tied around a tree, staked next to blooming flowers or put any place that will offer comfort and allow some memories to sit and visit with you. It is our sincere hope that this little copper token will bring a smile to your face and be a reminder of the loved one you miss so much...just like it is with our Boobear.

A friend lost her 15 year old dog (left) and I knew she'd want something sophisticated and timeless to remember him by. This was the perfect gift, and there couldn't have been a more appropriate message... "Happy Trails to You, Until We Meet Again."

Anne | 5 out of 5 stars

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