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My name is Lisa and I am the mom to Salsa, aka Boobear...the inspiration behind Boobear + Co.

Salsa, or "Boobear" as I liked to call her, was a black lab mutt that my husband and I rescued when we were just newly dating. There never was a "Jay and Lisa" without a Boobear. In fact, we liked to say she was born the day we first met. She lived a great life...running, hiking, mountain biking, going to the lake. She was very loved by our family and had two boys of her own to play with, our sons, Jack and Gray.

After 13 amazing years together we were faced with the difficult decision to put her down. The pain of that decision and the loss we felt in our home was overwhelming. At the time, I scoured the Internet looking for the perfect token to honor the place where we planned to spread her ashes and I was disappointed at what was offered. I personally didn't want to come home to a big grave marker or a perfectly etched picture of her in stone...I wanted a sweet little token to make us smile and to help keep her spirit alive. So I decided to make her one. My father-in-law surprised us one day by planting a flower garden in our front yard and in the middle he planted a beautiful red maple tree. We spread her ashes around the tree and tied our token to it. It was the first time since she had passed that I was able to think of her and not break down crying. I thought about all of our family and friends who were also dealing with losses of their own...some losing their pets, as we had, some their parents and one family who had lost their 9 year old son, Noah. It made me think how much happiness that little copper plaque brought to me and how I wished they too could have a small token to remind them of how dear their loved one is and always will be.

Our copper plates are meant to be tied around a tree, staked next to blooming flowers or put any place that will offer comfort and allow some memories to sit and visit with you. It is our sincere hope that this little copper token will bring a smile to your face and be a reminder of the loved one you miss so much...just like it is with our Boobear.

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