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Our sweet etched copper plate includes a leather tie that can be wrapped around a tree, stake/post or presented anyway you’d like.  We etch into a 16 gauge uncoated copper plate and leave the copper unsealed.  Our copper plates will tarnish with time and exposure to air and the weather.  


Patina/Tarnish is a thin film of condensation that forms on the metal’s surface in humid air. When exposed to the weather the copper molecules form the tarnish.  Our plates can be cleaned with a simple solution of vinegar and salt, however we prefer the look that comes with exposure to the natural elements.


Each plate is made to order and take 7-14 days for production after approval.  Our plates can be personalized with a name and the phrase or quote of your choosing.  They can hold up to 100 characters, including spaces.  Feel free to choose from a collection of phrases,  quotes and artwork that we have featured here: 


Emma Plaque

  • - 3 x 5 or 5 x 5 copper etched plate 

    - 36" leather tie included, can be cut down to smaller size

    - ideas for presenting your copper plate

    - presented in a kraft box, gift wrapped in white kraft paper with a twine tie

    - optional personalized tag for orders being sent as gifts

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